The Scottish Online Student Drama Festival is an initiative of a group of Edinburgh students with support from the EUTC. 23 different students theatre companies from all over the UK are taking part in a week long festival from 8 March until 14 March 2021. We have partnered with the charity, Acting For Others, to raise money for their cause, including their 14 member charities.

The idea for the festival originated at the end of 2020, when the theatre festival the EUTC usually hosts in January could not go on because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and we wanted to continue creating things. Through this festival, we’re hoping to connect students interested in theatre from across the country, and collectively create an amazing celebration of our creativity.


  • Lois Zon – Head Organiser and Social Secretary
  • Lewis Forman – Marketing Manager and Outreach Manager
  • Liz Dokukina – Marketing Assistant and Box Office
  • Sulakna Herath – Marketing Assistant
  • Mick Zijdel – Programmer, Welfare Contact, and Webmaster
  • Laura Brady – Programmer and Tech Manager
  • Joshua Baumring-Gledhill – Programmer
  • Aditi Jain – Workshop Coordinator
  • Emma Stier – Workshop Coordinator
  • Lucy Adkin – Administrator
  • George Manchester – Director of Health & Safety

Contact Us

You can contact us at sosdf2021@gmail.com or by messaging us on one of our social media channels. If you do not get a timely response, please contact the Edinburgh University Theatre Company directly.