At the Mountains of Madness

Centre Stage Theatre Company Presents an online radio rendition of ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ by H. P. Lovecraft

The Classic Horror Novella by H. P. Lovecraft is edited and adapted by Jaeden Reppert

In the 1930’s, a group of scientists undertake an expedition to the frozen desert of Antarctica. While there, they come to the deadly realisation that they are not alone, and that the mountains hide more than the past, more than an ancient cosmic civilisation… they hide madness…

Available to stream here:

Content warnings

  • Strong Language
  • Mention of Animal Death
  • Mention of Violence
  • Kidnapping and Abduction
  • Death
  • Mention of Blood
  • Mental Illness

Age Rating: +16


  • Heather Maxwell as Older Professor Dyer
  • Ciorstan Towers as Younger Professor Dyer
  • Connor McCausland as Danforth
  • Hamish Gray as Professor Lake
  • Nina Vidaković as Gedney
  • Nea Craig as Pabodie and Carroll
  • Ben Saber as McTighe and Watkins
  • Andrew Page as Radio Announcer 
  • Elina Päivinen as Albino Penguins
  • Jaeden Reppert as Shoggoth


  • Adapted and Directed by Jaeden Reppert
  • Produced and Poster by Elina Päivinen
  • Video by Connor McCausland
  • Tech Advice and Photo Editing by Louise Balaguer

This amateur adaptation of “At the Mountains of Madness” uses the following royalty free music and sound effects: 


Mar 08 2021


18:45 - 19:45
Centre Stage Theatre Company


Centre Stage Theatre Company