By the Light of the Zoom

ReAct presents an online rendition of “By The Light of The Zoom” by Chloe Allan.

What’s the worst that could happen during a lockdown? One group of Scottish students are about to find out. While trying to navigate the aftermath of their careless rule-breaking through late night zoom calls, tension grows and friendships begin to fracture. They don’t all know it, but this marks a turning point in each of their lives that they would have never imagined.

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Content Warnings

  • Mention of death or dying

Age Rating: +10


  • Lois McGougan (Josie)
  • Sharavi Kulkarni (Sam)
  • Charlie Robertson (Scott)
  • Nikolas Breniuc (Eric)
  • Leia Clark (Helen)
  • Rachael Mackenzie (Tracy)
  • Aurelio Kaluthantrige (Mr Jamieson)
  • Chloe Allan (Reporter 1)
  • Robert Ponton (Reporter 2)


  • Directed by Silmaril Simon and Chloe Allan
  • Produced by Silmaril Simon and Chloe Allan
  • Tech managed by Silmaril Simon, Chloe Allan, and Klaudia Zymelka

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Mar 09 2021


15:00 - 15:45
ReAct Theatre Group


ReAct Theatre Group