Chet: Behind the Mask

Shoot the Messenger presents ‘Chet: Behind the Mask’ by Patrick O’Brien.

‘Chet: Behind the Mask’ is a Zoom miniseries following the adventures of Chet – a mean and pessimistic Hollywood agent – as they attempt to get their TV pilot, that is *definitely* is not about them, produced. Chet speaks to their clients, James and Julia, as well as late night sensation Bruno Moon and Mxs G. Reed – the unofficial God of Hollywood. Each episode seeks to critique the misogyny and money-first, art-later approach of the modern entertainment industry, providing a taste of the full stage-play, hopefully to be shown later in the year!

Available to stream here:

Content Warnings

  • Strong language
  • References to religion
  • Mention of psychotherapy
  • Mention of suicide

Age Rating: +16


  • Chet: Lily Sitzia
  • James: Scott Montague
  • Julia: Liv Taylor
  • Bruno Moon: Luca Catena
  • Mx. G Reed: Samantha Lau


  • Writer: Patrick O’Brien 
  • Directors: Zuzu Walker & Joe Hill 
  • Producer: Emily Rose Wilkinson
  • Assistant Producer: Charis Winter
  • Marketing Managers: Ella McQueen & Josh BG
  • Accent Coach: Kiara Shey

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Mar 08 2021


15:45 - 16:15


Shoot the Messenger