Castle Theatre Company and Green Door present ‘Frankenstein’, by Mary Shelley, adapted for radio animation by Sophie Wright.

The world’s most famous horror story. Uniquely adapted for radio animation and accompanied by original illustrations, witness the timeless classic that has instilled fear and curiosity as we ask the ever-intriguing question: what happens after death?

A twisted, upside-down creation myth, Mary Shelley’s Gothic tale lays bare the dark side of science, and the horror within us all. Written after a nightmare when its author was only eighteen, the infamous story is of Victor Frankenstein, who plunders graveyards to create a new being from the bodies of the dead – but whose botched creature causes nothing but murder and destruction.

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Content warnings

  • Death / Dying
  • Violence

Age Rating: +13


  • Ben Willows as Victor
  • Tom Cain as Monster
  • Naomi Cook as Elizabeth
  • Jacob Freda as Henry/Father
  • Oscar Scott as Walton
  • Richard Sharpe as Old man/Ernest
  • Ana Truesdale as Justine
  • Eleanor Storey as William/Husband
  • Issy Flower as Daughter


  • Executive producers – Evgeniya Shpeter and Olivia Adderley
  • Tech Manager – Dragos Farcas
  • Tech and Musical Director – Jonathan Yeap
  • Co-directors – Saniya Saraf and Harry Jenkins
  •  Co-producers – Katrina Merrick and Kate Pesenti
  • Assistant Director/Assistant Producer – Ben Johanson 
  • Illustrators – Adeline Zhao, Anna Kuptsova and Jasmine Cash

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Frankenstein is a collaboration between two theatre companies:

Castle Theatre Company

Green Door Theatre Company


Mar 08 2021


21:15 - 23:00
Castle Theatre Company


Castle Theatre Company