Producing – Proper Job, Honest!

Chris Grady created and led the MA in Creative Producing at Mountview, leads the Producers’ Pool for 500+ freelance/independent producers, ran theatres and festivals, and is launching a new CGO Institute Diploma in Creative Producing. He will explore the different pathways to get to a career in the producing world including training, climbing the job ladder, and starting your own company.

This is a workshop for anyone who believes they may wish to be a producer or make stuff happen in the theatre, arts and events in the future. We will look at tools you can use to look at your own ambitions, doubts, and what brings you joy. We can explore the old ways (2019 and before), and wonder at the new normal for our industry. Everyone needs more producers – its a proper job, honest.

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Mar 08 2021


17:00 - 18:30



The Scottish Online Student Drama Festival