The Judgement

ReAct presents an online rendition of “The Judgement: How to Live if You’re Dead” by Silmaril Simon.

There is a life after death, the only problem is, how is it picked ? Amaryllis will reflect on her past and her future together with some of the people who knew her best. 

Prepare yourselves to rethink your life choices, because introspection is coming your way, and it’s coming quick.

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Content Warnings

  • Strong language
  • Mention of child abuse/pedophilia/incest
  • Mention of animal cruelty or animal death
  • Mention of death or dying
  • Mention of mental illness and ableism
  • Mention of mononormativity

Age Rating: +16


Lois McGougan, Charlie Robertson, Sharavi Kulkarni, Leia Clark, Aurelio Kaluthantrige, Nikolas Breniuc, Rachael Mackenzie, Silmaril Simon


  • Directed by Silmaril Simon and Chloe Allan
  • Produced by Silmaril Simon and Chloe Allan
  • Tech managed by Silmaril Simon and Chloe Allan

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Mar 12 2021


19:30 - 20:00
ReAct Theatre Group


ReAct Theatre Group